Friday, October 1, 2010

time to surf part 2

Akiva practices his moves on land. He is a little unsure about this whole surf thing. Going to the water's edge is a bit intimidating for those under 2. He might scrap the whole idea, and just watch Dad surf until...

Luna shows up.

Suddenly its cool to surf. Akiva heads for the waves.

Brr. It may have been 107 degrees, but the water was a bit shocking.

And here it is. captured forever. Akiva's first surf. Monster waves!


  1. Aww Akiva and Luna are adorable! Akiva has more guts than I do. I have not even surfed that much! He looks soo tiny on that giant surf board!

  2. Congratulations from brazil for the amazing kids! I like very much reading about your mama histories.

  3. Very cool for your kiddos. Surfing is lots of fun. Do I see Venice Beach Pier in one of the pics? -- I'm an LA girl, I like to think I know my beaches pretty well. ;)

    Although my current profile pic is actually your hometown...