Sunday, October 3, 2010

paranoid parent product

I am a paranoid parent. I have read too much about the toxins in everything we eat, breathe, bathe with, play with, garden with, cook with, clean with, sleep on, compute on, and on and on. So I really do my best not to freak out, because I think if you really thought too hard on all of the information about what babies and children can be exposed to, it would just make being a parent in the US unbearable. That said, I try to casually research and find the best products I can that aren't going to overtly poison Akiva.
I'm sharing this product, only because it was SO HARD to find it.
Akiva recently started asking me "What does this say?" when he sees words printed on things. So I'll tell him, and he's gotten curious about what letters are. He's really into O right now. But we haven't had any toys with letters and numbers on them around the house, and so the only place Akiva can practice finding O's when the passion hits him is on Matt's text paintings:

So I wanted to find some alphabet fridge magnets. And since Akiva is only 21 months old, he still is tempted to put everything in his mouth. So I didn't want plastic. I looked for wood. The only ones I could find were Melissa & Doug. And I read the "review" of them because why not. And some fellow paranoid parent had bought them and actually sent them to a lab. The magnet on the letters tested high in lead! Yikes. I searched and searched and finally found these cuties by a company called Rubbabu:Made of natural rubber. Here's the safety info. Only problem is that if you don't live in Spain, you have to buy it from some website that charges a lot of money to ship it possibly from Spain? Ours are in the mail. Happy speling.


  1. Love this post, Annie! Here's an odd admission: I am strangely obsessed with magnets. I love them. I think they're so fun. I found a few others that you (read: Akiva) might like:[0]=tags&includes[1]=title[0]=tags&includes[1]=title[0]=tags&includes[1]=title

  2. i'm spanish!!! if u want one rubabu tell me!! xD :)byee

  3. Awww I LOVE Matt's text painting! You should post more of his work up! It amazes me that it is so hard to find safe magnets! I'm sure Akiva will be delighted when they come in!

  4. I will be posting Matt's work soon- I am trying to get him to do a guest blog.

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