Sunday, October 3, 2010

my architect

Matt and I have decided its time to make our back yard into a desert no-water landscape. A friend had a great idea and suggested we do a sort of zen garden meets desert experience. And since we have no suitable trees for a treehouse, I want to include a playhouse for Akiva.

I have to admit I have been obsessed with forts and mini houses my whole life. I think it's because my father was an architect (now retired). I remember the best summers of childhood were when he would construct some sort of wonderful fort for us out of something he found- like sticks and hay. If there was enough snow, he'd build us igloos in the winter- one was big enough for the whole family to sit inside and sip hot cocoa by candlelight.

And then we took a day trip once to Newport, Rhode Island, and saw the mansions and I was haunted by how lucky those Vanderbilt kids were- not for the huge mega mansion with platinum leafing on the ceilings,

but for their amazing little mini mansion playhouse!

And so I thought Akiva should have a little playhouse built into the design of our new back yard. And if we are doing the zen garden thing, how about a little mini japanese tea house? I found a website, called "Life of An Architect" where the architect had posted all elevations, renderings, blueprints and final shots of the very thing I had imagined!
I was so excited! Being the daughter of an architect, clearly I was able to tap into the children's play house design zeitgeist. I showed Matt my findings to add to our own little piles of amateur renderings,

...and Matt was silent. "It kind of looks like something out of Apocalypse Now, like maybe some torture is going on in there." Hmm. Unfortunately, he was kind of right.

We might have to call on Grandpa for another stick and hay fort.


  1. Haha that sounds awesome! Be sure to post pictures as ya'll begin construction! I grew up with a swingset and a slide, and the platform that you had to climb up to get to the slide was always my favorite part. I imagined it being a ship, a castle, and all sorts of things. Akiva will definitely love to have a fort of his own!

  2. Yes! If any of you have favorite playhouse/ fort memories please share!

  3. Good afternoon!
    I wandered over to your blog in rather a strange way. I have a twitter account and every once in awhile I go hunting for people who have my name and add them to a list of people to follow. I don't know why, it just amuses me. Sadly very few of them post, until today. Someone with my full name, Tracy Lynn Murray retweeted a link to your blog and I've spent the last little bit reading.
    So there is my odd story of how I got here. I live in Ohio where it is currently about 55 degrees, so looking at your beautiful photos of sun and surf made me smile. You have a lovely family, and a good flow with your words.

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Hi, Anne!:)
    I'm your huge fan and follower from twitter,and so when I found out about this blog (which is very informative and enjoyable)I became very happy. I'm 21 and I don't have a child, but it's so enjoying to read your posts,think about my future with my fiancee,and tell myself "yes, it's so sensible, Anne is right,I have to do it this way too." :)
    When I was a kid,I always dreamt about a playhouse,when my parents took me parks or sent me playgarden school, I always loved to get in that 3 or 4 coloured (blue,yellow and red mostly) plastic playhouses - even though there was no fresh air to breath inside- I loved being in them,dreaming that little room was my own house, etc.
    But when I reached to the age of 8, the playhouses was so narrow for me,so I found a way to feel like I was in a playhouse - I began to climb up a fig tree.:)Top of the tree was quite, and I loved the way wind was blowing my hair in really hot,summer days.I was a kid,but I loved I had a spot where I would have been left with my own thoughts.It is a real,healthy and nice thing that a kid has his/her own spot I think, where he/she can play,or use it a shelter,read books or perform their instruments(I think Akiva will be a great guitarist,I play violin too,and it's nice that you have a place where you can practice and getting better before no one hears you:D),maybe take his little girlfriend when he is older, etc.You're doing an amazing thing for a dreamful child,I have to say.And if you ask me, you and Akiva should talk to Grandpa,he is a really good architect I suppose,and he'll design a playhouse beyond his dreams for his grandson:)Please be sure to share its photos on this blog,so I can see it:) Thank you!:)

  5. How embarrassing! I had no idea I had stumbled upon a blog of someone who would have fans!
    Now that I have used the almighty power of Google, I can say, Cool! :) Still excellent writing style, now I have the added bonus of putting a face with the words.

  6. Ecem:

    "I was a kid,but I loved I had a spot where I would have been left with my own thoughts.It is a real,healthy and nice thing that a kid has his/her own spot I think"

    I TOTALLY agree! Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!