Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy (weird and wonderful) New Year

When I was a child, anybody over 30 years old was waaay old, and any date past 2010 just felt like... it would have to happen in an other dimension or something. I could imagine the millenium- 2000, and I knew that some years would follow that, but in my childhood mind, only about 10 years seemed to actually exist past the millenium. And now here we are, 2011. And I have to say it's pretty strange already, no? I just read about birds and fish dying by the thousands in Sweden, England, Kentucky, Maryland, Brazil, and New Zealand, and if any part of the Mayan calender ending in 2012 seems creepy to you, this must play into those doomsday fantasies. Especially being a mom now, for some reason I can't help being extra special deeply worried by things like this.

But then right along side those worrying reports I found this one:

Baby white lion cub triplets born in Argentina! Lots of death, but lots of new life. Happy weird wonderful 2011.