Wednesday, October 13, 2010

children + dogs = meant to be

Akiva and Kula the other day.

This morning Akiva woke up early. He was sleeping in our bed, and I walked him back to his room. Our conversation:

Me: Akiva, lets go to your crib and you can read your airplane magazine* for a few minutes while we sleep.
Akiva: Maybe Kula come in crib?
Me: (extremely touched) You love Kula, don't you?
Akiva: SO much.

*(Akiva is obsessed with airplanes. We take him to LAX to watch the planes land. He knows the difference between an Air New Zealand 747 and the Qantas A380. We were at the book store the other day and I bought him an imported British magazine called Airliner World: The Global Airline Scene - to have something to read on the potty. It has about 100 pages of airplanes. This issue specialized in the history of various Slavic airlines, and has a 4 page spread on Baltic Air. Akiva went a little berserk when we showed it to him and insists on reading the entire magazine several times a day)

We went out for coffee this morning and Akiva met Max, who was whimpering for his owner to return from inside the coffee shop.

Me: I think it misses it's master.
Akiva: Doggy crying.

We watched it and then some other dogs showed. Lucy and Bruno. Akiva made fast friends.

Then it was time to leave. Akiva walked Kula.

And we came across a puppy named Tank.

Kula liked Tank, too.

But Akiva wanted to make clear who was number one in his heart.


  1. If he loves planes and has been a spotter, he should enjoy this site

    I suspect he's already familiar with it, but if not, he has a new favorite site.

  2. Whoa! The video of planes landing over the beach in St Maarten was off the hook! Akiva is going to go crazy. Who knew this airplane thing was for young and old alike?

  3. I think Akiva might have found a passion for life. My passion (trains) has started in pretty much the same way, only that I became enthusiastic when I saw my country's state railways logo. I also was around two years old at that time. Fourteen years on, the passion hasn't disappeared, and I still drag my parents to remote railway museums, just to name something. (Military) aircraft have become a passion as well, so I perfectly understand Akiva.