Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Etsy Finds

Thought I would post some Etsy finds this week that have a bicycle theme.  Somehow, having a bicycle in the photo of just about anything makes me want to buy it.  I'm not sure if its flashbacks to the mid 2000's when Matt and I lived in Downtown LA and would go out at night on bikes to the bars, or if I'm craving the kind of careless - european love film - wine country life that a bicycle conjures up.

White peasant dress: Jammyfingers

Bicycle wine bottle carrier:  Oopsmark

Old school woven bicycle basket: Joannascollections


  1. I am definitely a sucker for the latter...give me those days (I am not sure I ever really lived :)) riding my bike down a country road in Italy, my flowing, sheer summer dress billowing, my hair whisping in the wind...a baguette, block of cheese, a peach and bottle of water in my bag...on my way to put my feet in a stream...maybe a dark, handsome guy with deep brown eyes trying to catch up with me...but you'd only see him from the camera's POV as I cheekily smile at how free I am....Okay, this took me away from my moment for a moment LOL..thanks Annie and Etsy :)

  2. ps the guy is someone I like really...not a creepy stalker! LOL

  3. I love this! Ah, nice to take a moment and daydream, huh?