Friday, March 29, 2013

Etsy Finds

What a cute teddy bear!  Upcycled fabric bear:

Waldorf dolls don't have to be European.  Native American handmade Waldorf inspired doll:

How nice to buy handmade toys for children, right?  These are, admittedly, very expensive.  But worth sharing- for inspiration?- who knows, maybe you'll go make a doll for the children in your life?

What Etsy shops are you drooling over?


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  2. Hi Annie, Good to see you back here. Yes, handmade dolls are more expensive but...they're more special because of the care and love put into creating them. The dolls made by the Native Americans on a reservation I visited as a child were quite beautiful. It was amazing to watch the women craft them before my eyes. I'm actually one who favors handmade products over factory made if at all possible just because there's just something more personal about something that someone has spent hours, days, even weeks, creating by hand!

    There are so many cool Etsy shops...and as many weird ones too. I came across the "Star Wars Felted Ornaments" shop and it had me laughing. Who would have thought?

    Welcome back chica!

    XO Jess

  3. Hi Jess!

    I'd love to see that Star Wars felted ornaments shop! Akiva would LOVE that!